Paper 120 (영한)

Greek and Latin


Meanings of symbols

< ~에서 유래한다. 라틴어의 경우는 따로 유래의 표시가 없다.

< G = Greek, 그리스어에서 유래

< F = French, 옛 프랑스어에서 유래

< German, 독일어에서 유래

A = antonym (반대말)

R: related word

= 같은 의미.

= A + B (두 낱말을 더해서 새로 만든 낱말). 발음하기 좋도록 앞 부분에 자음이 바뀔 수도 있다.


영어 단어 수 = 약 170,000개

60% = Greek or Latin roots, directly or indirectly through Old French,

Gallic conquest (58 – 51 BC) : Roman legions of 55,000 soldiers against 250,000 Celts. killed 1 million, and brought to Rome more than 1 million slaves, mostly women and children.

The Celts borrowed Greek/Latin words.

Britons did not have a written alphabet until the 11th century, but borrowed many words from the Gauls. 29% of English words were borrowed from the Old French, but most of these words had Greek or Latin roots.

Julius Caesar invaded Britain to find gold in vain. (55 and 54 BC)

Claudius, Vespasian and other generals invaded Britain.

Emperor Hadrian later built the Hadrian’s wall in 122 AD, separating the Scots from the rest of the British Isles.

Anglo-Saxons lived to the west of Gallia (Gaul), but later moved to the islands. (410 – 560 AD)

P.1323 – §1 Assigned by Gabriel to supervise the
restatement of the life of Michael when on Urantia and in the likeness
of mortal flesh, I, the Melchizedek director of the revelatory commission
intrusted with this task, am authorized to present this narrative of certain
events which immediately preceded the Creator Son’s arrival on Urantia
to embark upon the terminal phase of his universe bestowal experience.
To live such identical lives as he imposes upon the intelligent beings
of his own creation, thus to bestow himself in the likeness of his various
orders of created beings, is a part of the price which every Creator Son
must pay for the full and supreme sovereignty of his self-made universe
of things and beings.
precede = pre (before) + cedere (go) = go before

embark = in + barque (small ship) = 배를 타다

terminal phase = 마지막 단계

impose on = -에 부과하다 < im (in) + ponere (put)

intelligent beings of his own creation = 자신이 창조한 총명한 존재.

in the likeness of = ~의 모습을 한

supervise < super (over) + videre (see) = 위에서 보다, 감독하다

entrust = 맡기다

immediate < L: in (not) + mediare (가운데 끼다), 즉시, 당장, 직접

P.1323 – §2 Before the events I am about to delineate,
Michael of Nebadon had bestowed himself six times after the similitude
of six differing orders of his diverse creation of intelligent beings.
Then he prepared to descend upon Urantia in the likeness of mortal flesh,
the lowest order of his intelligent will creatures, and, as such a human
of the material realm, to execute the final act in the drama of the acquirement
of universe sovereignty in accordance with the mandates of the divine
Paradise Rulers of the universe of universes.
delineate = de (off, completely) + line = 선을 분명히 그어 버리다. 윤곽을 분명히 하다.

similitude (유사성) < similar (비슷한)

in the likeness of ~의 모습을 입고, ~와 비슷하게

in accordance with (명세)에 따라서, -과 일치되게

execute < ex (out) + sequi (follow) = 수행하다, 집행하다

will creature = 의지를 가진 생물

final act in the drama = 그의 마지막 장(章)

mandate < manus (hand) + dare (give), 명령하다

acquire < ad (to, at) + quaerere (seek), 획득하다

bestow = be (around) + stow (place) = 주다, 내리다, 하사하다.

P.1323 – §3 In the course of each of these preceding
bestowals Michael not only acquired the finite experience of one group
of his created beings, but he also acquired an essential experience in
Paradise co-operation which would, in and of itself, further contribute
to constituting him the sovereign of his self-made universe. At any moment
throughout all past local universe time, Michael could have asserted personal
sovereignty as a Creator Son and as a Creator Son could have ruled his
universe after the manner of his own choosing. In such an event, Immanuel
and the associated Paradise Sons would have taken leave of the universe.
But Michael did not wish to rule Nebadon merely in his own isolated right,
as a Creator Son. He desired to ascend through actual experience in co-operative
subordination to the Paradise Trinity to that high place in universe status
where he would become qualified to rule his universe and administer its
affairs with that

P.1324 – §0 perfection of insight and wisdom of execution
which will sometime be characteristic of the exalted rule of the Supreme
Being. He aspired not to pe
rfection of rule as a Creator Son but to supremacy
of administration as the embodiment of the universe wisdom and the divine
experience of the Supreme Being.

in the course of = -하는 과정에

assert personal sovereignty = 개인적으로 통치권을 주장

contribute < con + tribuere (pay, grant, 조공을 바치다), 기여하다.

associated = 관계된

take leave of ~를 떠나다

Supreme Being = 최상 존재

Trinity < trinitas = 3 in one, 하나 속에 계신 삼위, 삼위일체, 일체가 된 삼위. 삼위, 세 가지.

exalt < ex (out) + altare < altus (high) = 높이다.

embody = in (in or not) + body = (영혼이) 몸 속에 들어가다.

구현(具現), 구체적으로 나타나다.

paradise (borrowed from Persian) < pardis = park/enclosure/garden = per (around) + diz (build, make a wall), walled garden [Eden is a walled garden], peri + scope, periphery

subordinate = sub + ordinare (임명) = 복종하다, 복종시키다.

P.1324 – §1 Michael, therefore, had a double purpose
in the making of these seven bestowals upon the various orders of his
universe creatures: First, he was completing the required experience in
creature understanding which is demanded of all Creator Sons before they
assume complete sovereignty. At any time a Creator Son may rule his universe
in his own right, but he can rule as the supreme representative of the
Paradise Trinity only after passing through the seven universe-creature
double purpose = 2중의 목적

various orders = 다양한 계급

maximum, minimum, 최대, 최소.

optimum, 최적

demanded of Creator Sons = 창조 아들들에게 요구된다

in his own right = 자신의 권한으로

Second, he was aspiring to the privilege of representing the
maximum authority of the Paradise Trinity which can be exercised in the
direct and personal administration of a local universe. Accordingly, did
Michael, during the experience of each of his universe bestowals, successfully
and acceptably voluntarily subordinate himself to the variously constituted
wills of the diverse associations of the persons of the Paradise Trinity.
That is, on the first bestowal he was subject to the combined will of
the Father, Son, and Spirit; on the second bestowal to the will of the
Father and the Son; on the third bestowal to the will of the Father and
the Spirit; on the fourth bestowal to the will of the Son and the Spirit;
on the fifth bestowal to the will of the Infinite Spirit; on the sixth
bestowal to the will of the Eternal Son; and during the seventh and final
bestowal, on Urantia, to the will of the Universal Father.
aspire to (명사, 동사) = 을 갈망하다

subject to (명사) = 에 복종하여

acceptably = 받아드릴 만하게, 납득할 만하게

privilege < privus (private) + leg (law), 개인에게 적용되는 법, 특권

voluntary < voluntas (will), 의지로 하는, 자원하는

P.1324 – §2 Michael, therefore, combines in his personal
sovereignty the divine will of the sevenfold phases of the universal Creators
with the understanding experience of his local universe creatures. Thus
has his administration become representative of the greatest possible
power and authority although divested of all arbitrary assumptions. His
power is unlimited since it is derived from experienced association with
the Paradise Deities; his authority is unquestioned inasmuch as it was
acquired through actual experience in the likeness of universe creatures;
his sovereignty is supreme since it embodies at one and the same time
the sevenfold viewpoint of Paradise Deity with the creature viewpoint
of time and space.
therefore, 그러므로, 그런즉

sevenfold = seven times

sevenfold phases = 일곱 국면

unquestioned = 질문의 여지가 없는

at one and the same time = 동시에, 한꺼번에

viewpoint = 관점

deity < deitas, 神

P.1324 – §3 Having determined the time of his final
bestowal and having selected the planet whereon this extraordinary event
would take place, Michael held the usual prebestowal conference with Gabriel
and then presented himself before his elder brother and Paradise counselor,
Immanuel. All powers of universe administration which had not previously
been conferred upon Gabriel, Michael now assigned to the custody of Immanuel.
And just before Michael’s departure for the Urantia incarnation, Immanuel,
in accepting the custody of the universe during the time of the Urantia
bestowal, proceeded to impart the bestowal counsel which would serve as
the incarnation guide for Michael when he would presently grow up on Urantia
as a mortal of the realm.
having determined the time of his final bestowal

마지막 수여 시기를 결정했으므로,

assigned to the custody of Immanuel: 이마누엘이 관리하라고 맡겼다

impart = in + partire (L: 조각내다) = 나누어 주다

incarnate = in + carne (육신) = 육신화하다

assign < ad (to, ) +signare (sign) = 할당하다

impart < impartire = in + part (부분을 나눠주다)

depart < dispertire (divide), (부분들이 갈라지다, 떠나다)

presently, 당장에

realm < regimen (kingdom) = government (same root: royal, regal), 영토


P.1324 – §4 In this connection it should be borne
in mind that Michael had elected to execute this bestowal in the likeness
of mortal flesh, subject to the will of the Paradise Father. The Creator
Son required instructions from no one in order to effect this incarnation
for the sole purpose of achieving universe sovereignty, but he had embarked
upon a program of the revelation of the Supreme which involved co-operative
functioning with the diverse wills of the Paradise Deities. Thus his sovereignty,
when finally and personally acquired, would actually be

P.1325 – §0 all-inclusive of the sevenfold will of
Deity as it culminates in the Supreme. He had, therefore, six times previously
been instructed by the personal representatives of the various Paradise
Deities and associations thereof; and now he was instructed by the Union
of Days, ambassador of the Paradise Trinity to the local universe of Nebadon,
acting on behalf of the Universal Father.

in this connection = 이와 관련하여

bear in mind = 기억하다. 염두에 두다

for the purpose of = 무슨 목적을 위하여

all-inclusive = 모든 것을 포함하는

sevenfold will = 일곱 가지 의지

acting on behalf of = 의 이익을 대신하는

include < in + claudere (shut) = shut in, 포함하다

P.1325 – §1 There were immediate advantages
and tremendous compensations resultant from the willingness of this mighty
Creator Son once more voluntarily to subordinate himself to the will of
the Paradise Deities, this time to that of the Universal Father. By this
decision to effect such associative subordination, Michael would experience
in this incarnation, not only the nature of mortal man, but also the will
of the Paradise Father of all. And further, he could enter upon this unique
bestowal with the complete assurance, not only that Immanuel would exercise
the full authority of the Paradise Father in the administration of his
universe during his absence on the Urantia bestowal, but also with the
comforting knowledge that the Ancients of Days of the superuniverse had
decreed the safety of his realm throughout the entire bestowal period.

P.1325 – §2 And this was the setting of the momentous
occasion when Immanuel presented the seventh bestowal commission. And
from this prebestowal charge of Immanuel to the universe ruler who subsequently
became Jesus of Nazareth (Christ Michael) on Urantia, I am permitted to
present the following excerpts:

resultant from = -에서 (결과로) 생겨나는

enter upon = 시작하다, 착수하다

Ancient of Days = 날 수로 세면 아주 오래된 이, 옛적부터 늘 계신 이

decreed the safety of his realm = 그의 영역이 안전할 것을 선포했다

setting = 배경

Jesus of Nazareth = 나사렛에서 온 예수, 나사렛 출신 예수.

decide < de (off) + caedere (cut) = 결정하다

momentous = 중대한

permit < per (through) + mittere (send), 허락하다, 놓아주다

excerpt < ex (out) + carpere (pluck), (털 같은 것) 뽑아내다, 발췌


P.1325 – §3 “My Creator brother, I am about
to witness your seventh and final universe bestowal. Most faithfully and
perfectly have you executed the six previous commissions, and I entertain
no thought but that you will be equally triumphant on this, your terminal
sovereignty bestowal. Heretofore you have appeared on your bestowal spheres
as a fully developed being of the order of your choosing. Now you are
about to appear upon Urantia, the disordered and disturbed planet of your
choice, not as a fully developed mortal, but as a helpless babe. This,
my comrade, will be a new and untried experience for you. You are about
to pay the full price of bestowal and to experience the complete enlightenment
of the incarnation of a Creator in the likeness of a creature.

be about to = (바야흐로) 하려고 한다.

heretofore = 지금까지

entertain < inter (among) + tenere (hold) = 친절을 보이다, 고려하다

witness < (wit), 무엇을 안다고 간증하다

disordered = 질서가 없어진

disturbed = 교란된

untried =해보지 않은

pay full price = 깍지 않고, 제대로 값을 치르다

triumph (승리, 개선식) < G: thriambos (hymn to Bacchus)

P.1325 – §4 “Throughout each of your former
bestowals you have voluntarily chosen to subject yourself to the will
of the three Paradise Deities and their divine interassociations. Of the
seven phases of the will of the Supreme you have in your previous bestowals
been subject to all but the personal will of your Paradise Father. Now
that you have elected to be wholly subject to your Father’s will throughout
your seventh bestowal, I, as the personal representative of our Father,
assume the unqualified jurisdiction of your universe for the time of your
former, 이전의 < forma (first, 먼저)

elect < ex (out) + legere (pick), 선택하다

throughout 통해서 죽,

the Supreme = Supreme Being (최상 존재)

unqualified = 조건을 달지 못하는 = 무제한의

P.1325 – §5 “In entering upon the Urantia bestowal,
you have voluntarily divested yourself of all extraplanetary support and
special assistance such as might be rendered by any creature of your own
creation. As your created sons of Nebadon are wholly dependent upon you
for safe conduct throughout their universe careers, so now must you become
wholly and unreservedly dependent upon your Paradise Father for safe conduct
throughout the unrevealed vicissitudes of your ensuing mortal career.
And when you shall have finished this bestowal experience, you will know
in very truth the full meaning and the rich significance of that faith-

P.1326 – §0 trust which you so unvaryingly require
all your creatures to master as a part of their intimate relationship
with you as their local universe Creator and Father.

unreservedly, 조건 없이

divest = dis (away) + vestire (L: 옷을 입히다) = 옷을 벗기다. 권한을 빼앗다.

divested yourself of = 자신에게서 무엇을 벗어버리다.

vicissitude = vicis (change) = 변화, 변천

significance < significare (의미하다, signify), 의미, 중요성


P.1326 – §1 “Throughout your Urantia bestowal
you need be concerned with but one thing, the unbroken communion between
you and your Paradise Father; and it will be by the perfection of such
a relationship that the world of your bestowal, even all the universe
of your creation, will behold a new and more understandable revelation
of your Father and my Father, the Universal Father of all. Your concern,
therefore, has only to do with your personal life on Urantia. I will be
fully and efficiently responsible for the security and unbroken administration
of your universe from the moment of your voluntary relinquishment of authority
until you return to us as Universe Sovereign, confirmed by Paradise, and
receive back from my hands, not the vicegerent authority which you now
surrender to me, but, instead, the supreme power over, and jurisdiction
of, your universe.
concerned with = 관심을 가지다, 관여하다

but = only

communion < community (공동체에서, 성찬 등을) 나누다

have to do with (~과 상관하다)

vicegerent < vic (stead, office, 대신) + gerere (hold), holding office, 代官

confirm < con + firmare (strengthen), 확인하다

P.1326 – §2 “And that you may know with assurance
that I am empowered to do all that I am now promising (knowing full well
that I am the assurance of all Paradise for the faithful performance of
my word), I announce to you that there has just been communicated to me
a mandate of the Ancients of Days on Uversa which will prevent all spiritual
jeopardy in Nebadon throughout the period of your voluntary bestowal.
From the moment you surrender consciousness, upon the beginning of the
mortal incarnation, until you return to us as supreme and unconditional
sovereign of this universe of your own creation and organization, nothing
of serious import can happen in all Nebadon. In this interim of your incarnation,
I hold the orders of the Ancients of Days which unqualifiedly mandate
the instantaneous and automatic extinction of any being guilty of rebellion
or presuming to instigate insurrection in the universe of Nebadon while
you are absent on this bestowal. My brother, in view of the authority
of Paradise inherent in my presence and augmented by the judicial mandate
of Uversa, your universe and all its loyal creatures will be secure during
your bestowal. You may proceed upon your mission with but a single thought the
enhanced revelation of our Father to the intelligent beings of your universe.
Ancient of Days = 개역 개정, 개역 한글, 다니엘 7:9 (옛적부터 항상 계신 이)

새 번역: 옛적부터 계신 분

현대인의 성경: 영원히 살아 계시는 분

신개역(일본어): 年を經た 方 (여러 해를 보내신 이)

interim < inter (사이에) + im (this) = meanwhile

moment (약 90초, 순간), 40 moments = 1 solar hour.

consciousness = 意識

con (together, thoroughly) + scire (know), R: science.

in view of = ~에 비추어 보아서,

nothing of serious import = 심각한 중요성을 가진 아무것도

be guilty of = ~을 저지른 죄가 있다

rebellion = war against a government

belligerent = bell (war) + gerere (carry out) = wage war(bell), 싸움을 좋아하는

procede = pro (앞으로 ) + cedere (-가다)

intelligence = capacity of the mind (지성의 능력, 지능)

P.1326 – §3 “As in each of your previous bestowals,
I would remind you that I am recipient of your universe jurisdiction as
brother-trustee. I exercise all authority and wield all power in your
name. I function as would our Paradise Father and in accordance with your
explicit request that I thus act in your stead. And such being the fact,
all this delegated authority is yours again to exercise at any moment
you may see fit to requisition its return. Your bestowal is, throughout,
wholly voluntary. As a mortal incarnate in the realm you are without celestial
endowments, but all your relinquished power may be had at any time you
may choose to reinvest yourself with universe authority. If you should
choose to reinstate yourself in power and authority, remember, it will
be wholly for personal reasons since I am the living and supreme pledge
whose presence and promise guarantee the safe administration of your universe
in accordance with your Father’s will. Rebellion, such as has three times
occurred in Nebadon, cannot occur during your absence from Salvington
on this bestowal. For the period of the Urantia bestowal the Ancients
of Days have decreed that rebellion in Nebadon shall be invested with
the automatic seed of its own annihilation.
requisition < requirere (require), 요청하다, request

mortal incarnate = 육신화한 필사자

incarnate < in (into) + carne (肉), 육신화

during your absence = 네가 자리를 비운 동안

automatic seed of annihilation = 자동으로 멸종시키는 씨앗

annihilate = ad (to) + nihil (nothing) = 無로 만들다. 무로 되어버리다. 없애다

reinstate = 이전의 지위로 회복하다.

absent = ab (away) + esse (be) = be away, 결석

automatic < G: auto + matos (thinking) < men (think), (스스로 생각하여) 자동으로.

decree < decernere (decree). decretum (something decided), 선포하다


P.1326 – §4 “As long as you are absent on this
final and extraordinary bestowal, I pledge (with Gabriel’s co-operation)
the faithful administration of your universe; and as I commission you
to undertake this ministry of divine revelation and to undergo this experience
of perfected human understanding, I act in behalf of

P.1327 – §0 my Father and your Father and offer you
the following counsel, which should guide you in the living of your earth
life as you become progressively self-conscious regarding the divine mission
of your continued sojourn in the flesh:

extraordinary = extra (바깥) + ordinary (보통) = 특별한, 순서, 계급을 벗어난

sojourn (잠시 머무르다) < sub (under) + diurnum (day), 뜻 미상

continue < continuare. hang together, 계속하다

progress < pro (forward) + gradi (walk) = 앞으로 나아가다. 진보하다.

regress = re (back, 이전 상태로) 돌아가다, 역행하다

retrogress = retro (back) + gress = 후퇴하다, 위와 비슷.

digress < di (aside, 옆으로) + gress = 옆길로 빠지다

egress < ex (out) + gradi (walk)

progressive = 점진적

gradual < gradus (step), 점진적, (빨리가 아니라) 천천히 걷는

R: degree = de (down) + gradus (step)


P.1327 – §1 “1. In accordance with the usages
and in conformity with the technique of Sonaringtonin compliance with
the mandates of the Eternal Son of ParadiseI have provided in every
way for your immediate entrance upon this mortal bestowal in harmony with
the plans formulated by you and placed in my keeping by Gabriel. You will
grow up on Urantia as a child of the realm, complete your human education all
the while subject to the will of your Paradise Father live your life
on Urantia as you have determined, terminate your planetary sojourn, and
prepare for ascension to your Father to receive from him the supreme sovereignty
of your universe.

in accordance with = ~(명세)에 따라서, ~와 일치하여

according to = (권위를 가진 자의 말에) 따르면

grow up = 성장하다

provide < pro + videre (see) = foresee, 미리 준비하다, 마련하다

be placed in my keeping = 나에게 돌보라고 맡겨지다

ascend = ad (“to”, 어디로) + scandere (오르다) = 위로 올라가다

descend = de (down) + scandere = 밑으로 내려오다

prepare = pre + parare (make ready)

P.1327 – §2 “2. Apart from your earth mission
and your universe revelation, but incidental to both, I counsel that you
assume, after you are sufficiently self-conscious of your divine identity,
the additional task of technically terminating the Lucifer rebellion in
the system of Satania, and that you do all this as the Son of Man; thus,
as a mortal creature of the realm, in weakness made powerful by faith-submission
to the will of your Father, I suggest that you graciously achieve all
you have repeatedly declined arbitrarily to accomplish by power and might
when you were so endowed at the time of the inception of this sinful and
unjustified rebellion. I would regard it as a fitting climax of your mortal
bestowal if you should return to us as the Son of Man, Planetary Prince
of Urantia, as well as the Son of God, supreme sovereign of your universe.
As a mortal man, the lowest type of intelligent creature in Nebadon, meet
and adjudicate the blasphemous pretensions of Caligastia and Lucifer and,
in your assumed humble estate, forever end the shameful misrepresentations
of these fallen children of light.
apart from = ~와 별도로, a (> 부사 형으로 만든다.

new = 새로운, anew = 새로이 (프랑스어에서 빌린 것)

영어의 3가지 기원 (그리스어, 라틴어, 프랑스어)

sovereign < super, supreme chief

blaspheme <blasphemare < blame = 신성을 모독하다. ~pheme (G: utter)

Lucifer = lux (light) +ferre (carry) = light bringer, morning star

submit = sub (under) + mittere (send), 복종하다

incidental < incidere (fall upon, happen to) = 우연히 생기다

pretend < pre (before) + tendere (stretch) = ~인 척하다. 가장하다.

humble (겸손한) < humus (ground) < humilis (겸손)

eat humble pie = make a humble apology = 겸손하게 사과하다

Having steadfastly declined to discredit
these rebels through the exercise of your creator prerogatives, now it
would be fitting that you should, in the likeness of the lowest creatures
of your creation, wrest dominion from the hands of these fallen Sons;
and so would your whole local universe in all fairness clearly and forever
recognize the justice of your doing in the role of mortal flesh those
things which mercy admonished you not to do by the power of arbitrary
authority. And having thus by your bestowal established the possibility
of the sovereignty of the Supreme in Nebadon, you will in effect have
brought to a close the unadjudicated affairs of all preceding insurrections,
notwithstanding the greater or lesser time lag involved in the realization
of this achievement. By this act the pending dissensions of your universe
will be in substance liquidated. And with the subsequent endowment of
supreme sovereignty over your universe, similar challenges to your authority
can never recur in any part of your great personal creation.
prerogative = pre (before) + rogare (ask) = ask before others, 특권

steadfast = stead (place) +fast (firm) = 확고한

wrest < wrist (손목)을 비틀다

interrogate = inter (between) + rogare (ask) = ask aggressively = 심문하다

dominion = 통치권, 영토

domus (house), dominus (Lord, master who has a house), dominium (property)

domine, quo vadis? (Lord, where are you going?)

adjudicate < adjudicare (판사로서 ~을 주다, 판결내리다)

insurrection < insugere = in (against) +sugere (rise) = 모반하다

admonish <ad + monere (men-생각) = 훈계하다

liquidate < liquid (깨끗이 하다, 없애 버리다)

recur = re (again ) +currere (run) = 되풀이 해서 일어나다. current (running, 현대의, 현재 일어나는)

occur = ob (against) + currere = present itself, 일어나다.

courier < currere (run), runner, messenger

substance = sub(밑에 ) +stand (서다, 버티다) 뒷바침이 되다. 밑에 있는 것, 알맹이

P.1327 – §3 “3. When you have succeeded in terminating
the Urantia secession, as you undoubtedly will, I counsel you to accept
from Gabriel the conference of the title of `Planetary Prince of Urantia’
as the eternal recognition by your universe of your final bestowal experience;
and that you further do any and all things, consistent with the purport
of your bestowal, to atone for the sorrow and confusion brought upon Urantia
by the Caligastia betrayal and the subsequent Adamic default.
terminate = terminare (종결시키다)

terminus = end, terma (G: endpoint), terminal (종점)

default = de (away) + fault (fail) = 잘못해 버리다.

eternal < aeternus (시대), 영구한, 오래 가는

recognize = re + cognoscere (알다) = 인식하다

consistent < con + sistere (stand) = 兩立

purport < pro (forth, before) + portare (carry) = 취지, 의도

purpose < pro (before) + F: poser (put, place). 목적 R: position

atone < at + one, 부족한 것을 채워 속죄하다 (하나가 되다)

secede < se (apart) + cedere (go) = withdraw formally (탈퇴하다)

P.1328 – §1 “4. In accordance with your request,
Gabriel and all concerned will co-operate with you in the expressed desire
to end your Urantia bestowal with the pronouncement of a dispensational
judgment of the realm, accompanied by the termination of an age, the resurrection
of the sleeping mortal survivors, and the establishment of the dispensation
of the bestowed Spirit of Truth.
bestow = be(around) +stowen (place) = give, 내려 주다, 하사하다.

dispensation = act of dispensing/dealing out (처분하는 행위 = 그와 관계된 시대

dispense < dispensare < dis (out) + pendere (pay, hang) =처분, 분배하다, 저울에다 금을 달아서 주다 = 지불하다

accompany = ad (to) + company(com + panis, 빵) = bread friend (빵을 같이 먹는 친구가 되다, 동반하다)

resurrect = re + surgere (rise again) = 부활

survive = super (over) + vivere (live) = 살아남다

P.1328 – §2 “5. As concerns the planet of your
bestowal and the immediate generation of men living thereon at the time
of your mortal sojourn, I counsel you to function largely in the role
of a teacher. Give attention, first, to the liberation and inspiration
of man’s spiritual nature. Next, illuminate the darkened human intellect,
heal the souls of men, and emancipate their minds from age-old fears.
And then, in accordance with your mortal wisdom, minister to the physical
well-being and material comfort of your brothers in the flesh. Live the
ideal religious life for the inspiration and edification of all your universe.
immediate = immediatus = in (not) mediatus (middle) = 중간에 아무것도 끼지 않고, 직접, 당장, 즉시

inspire = in + spirare = breathe/blow into

illuminate = il + luminare (lumin = light), 빛을 비추다

edification < edifice (build a temple), building up of the soul, 정신적 훈육

liberate < liber (free), 해방하다

emancipate < emancipare = ex (out) + man (hand) + capere (take), 손에서 놓아주다, 해방하다

P.1328 – §3 “6. On the planet of your bestowal,
set rebellion-segregated man spiritually free. On Urantia, make a further
contribution to the sovereignty of the Supreme, thus extending the establishment
of this sovereignty throughout the broad domains of your personal creation.
In this, your material bestowal in the likeness of the flesh, you are
about to experience the final enlightenment of a time-space Creator, the
dual experience of working within the nature of man with the will of your
Paradise Father.

In your temporal life the will of the finite creature
and the will of the infinite Creator are to become as one, even as they
are also uniting in the evolving Deity of the Supreme Being. Pour out
upon the planet of your bestowal the Spirit of Truth and thus make all
normal mortals on that isolated sphere immediately and fully accessible
to the ministry of the segregated presence of our Paradise Father, the
Thought Adjusters of the realms.

segregate = se (apart from) +grege (group/flock) = separate, R: aggregate (집합하다)

contribute < con (together) + tribuere (pay) = 기여하다

temporal (속세의) < tempo (time)

extend < ex (out) + tendere (stretch) = 연장하다

establish < stabilire (make stable)

enlighten = en (in/into) + lighten (make light)

sphere < spera (공)

infinite = in (not) + finite (유한)

isolated < insula (island, 섬), 고립된, 섬이 된,

peninsula < paene (almost) + insula (섬), 거의 섬, 半島

P.1328 – §4 “7. In all that you may perform
on the world of your bestowal, bear constantly in mind that you are living
a life for the instruction and edification of all your universe. You are
bestowing this life of mortal incarnation upon Urantia, but you are to
live such a life for the spiritual inspiration of every human and superhuman
intelligence that has lived, now exists, or may yet live on every inhabited
world which has formed, now forms, or may yet form a part of the vast
galaxy of your administrative domain. Your earth life in the likeness
of mortal flesh shall not be so lived as to constitute an example for
the mortals of Urantia in the days of your earthly sojourn nor for any
subsequent generation of human beings on Urantia or on any other world.
Rather shall your life in the flesh on Urantia be the inspiration for
all lives upon all Nebadon worlds throughout all generations in the ages
to come.
perform = per (thoroughly) +fornir (provide, furnish)

Latin: performo = form thoroughly, 연출하다

inhabit = inhabitare = in + habitare (dwell), 거주하다

be to live = 살아야 한다

galaxy < G: galag (milk) + kyklos (circle), 은하수

minister < ministrare (serve, wait upon), 시중 들다

subsequent = sub (밑에) + sequi (follow) = 뒤따라

R: sequel (연속물), prequel (앞서는 연속물)

constitute = com (together) +sta (stand) = 구성하다

ages to come = 다가올 시대

P.1328 – §5 “8. Your great mission to be realized
and experienced in the mortal incarnation is embraced in your decision
to live a life wholeheartedly motivated to do the will of your Paradise
Father, thus to reveal God, your Father, in the flesh and especially to
the creatures of the flesh. At the same time you will also interpret,
with a new enhancement, our Father, to the supermortal beings of all Nebadon.
Equally with this ministry of new revelation and augmented interpretation
of the Paradise Father to the human and the superhuman type of mind, you
will also so function as to make a new revelation of man to God.

in your one short life in the flesh, as it has never before been seen
in all Nebadon, the transcendent possibilities attainable by a God-knowing
human during the short career of mortal existence, and make a new and
illuminating interpretation

P.1329 – §0 of man and the vicissitudes of his planetary
life to all the superhuman intelligences of all Nebadon, and for all time.
You are to go down to Urantia in the likeness of mortal flesh, and living
as a man in your day and generation, you will so function as to show your
entire universe the ideal of perfected technique in the supreme engagement
of the affairs of your vast creation: The achievement of God seeking man
and finding him and the phenomenon of man seeking God and finding him;
and doing all of this to mutual satisfaction and doing it during one short
lifetime in the flesh.

incarnate = in + carnare (flesh) = make flesh, 肉身化

wholehearted = 진심으로

exhibit = ex (out) + habere (hold) = 바깥으로 보이다. 전시하다

augment < augmentare (increase)

embrace < in + bracchium (arm) = 둘러싸다, 포옹하다

transcend < trans (across) + scandere (climb) = 초월하다

phenomenon (G): 현상

technique < G: tekhne (art, skill), 기술

affairs 事, (國)事

mutual = done in exchange, 相互

P.1329 – §1 “9. I caution you ever to bear in
mind that, while in fact you are to become an ordinary human of the realm,
in potential you will remain a Creator Son of the Paradise Father. Throughout
this incarnation, although you will live and act as a Son of Man, the
creative attributes of your personal divinity will follow you from Salvington
to Urantia. It will ever be within your power-of-will to terminate the
incarnation at any moment subsequent to the arrival of your Thought Adjuster.
Prior to the arrival and reception of the Adjuster I will vouch for your
personality integrity.

But subsequent to the arrival of your Adjuster
and concomitant with your progressive recognition of the nature and import
of your bestowal mission, you should refrain from the formulation of any
superhuman will-to-attainment, achievement, or power in view of the fact
that your creator prerogatives will remain associated with your mortal
personality because of the inseparability of these attributes from your
personal presence. But no superhuman repercussions will attend your earthly
career apart from the will of the Paradise Father unless you should, by
an act of conscious and deliberate will, make an undivided decision which
would terminate in whole-personality choice.


realm = 영역, 분야, 영토, 임금이 통치하는 영토

< regere (rule),

at any moment = 어느 때라도

ordinary < ordo (order, 질서), 평범한, 정상의

attribute < ad (to) + tribuere (allot), 속성, (부족)의 탓으로 돌리다.

concomitant = con (together) + comitari (함께 하다) = 동시에 함께 일어나는

deliberate = 신중하게 결정한

= de (down) + librare (저울로 달다), libra = 저울, 저울에 놓고 신중하게 다루다.

vouch < vocare (call, summon to court), 보증하다 R: voice

recognize < re + cognoscere (learn, know), 인식하다

progressive = pro (앞으로) + gress (가다). gradus = step.

separate < se (apart) + parare (준비) = 갈라 놓다.

apart from = ~과 따로, 별도로

conscious = con (thoroughly) + scire (know)

conscience = con (joint) +scientia (knowledge), 양심, R: science

repercussion = re (다시) + percussion (때리기) = 반응

예: percussionist (타악기 연주자)


P.1329 – §2 “And now, my brother, in taking
leave of you as you prepare to depart for Urantia and after counseling
you regarding the general conduct of your bestowal, allow me to present
certain advices that have been arrived at in consultation with Gabriel,
and which concern minor phases of your mortal life. We further suggest:

take leave of (you) = 너를 떠난다

depart for (~를 향하여 떠나다)

regarding = ~에 관하여

minor < minor = smaller, less

A(ntonym), 반대말: major

prepare < pre (before) + parare (make ready), 준비하다

consult < consultare < consulere (take counsel) 상담하다

in consultation with ~와 의논하고서

P.1329 – §3 “1. That, in the pursuit of the
ideal of your mortal earth life, you also give some attention to the realization
and exemplification of some things practical and immediately helpful to
your fellow men.

P.1329 – §4 “2. As concerns family relationships,
give precedence to the accepted customs of family life as you find them
established in the day and generation of your bestowal. Live your family
and community life in accordance with the practices of the people among
whom you have elected to appear.


in the pursuite of ~을 추구하면서

exemplify = L: exemplificare, (좋은) 예를 보이다.

in the day and generation of your bestowal = 네가 수여하는 시대와 세대에

precedence < precede, 우선권

as concerns (~에 관하여 말하면)

P.1329 – §5 “3. In your relations to the social
order we advise that you confine your efforts largely to spiritual regeneration
and intellectual emancipation. Avoid all entanglements with the economic
structure and the political commitments of your day. More especially devote
yourself to living the ideal religious life on Urantia.
emancipate < emancipare = ex(out) +manu (hand) + capere (take) = 권한에서 아들이나 아내를 해방하다

entangle = 얽히다, 곤란에 처하다

commit = com + mittere (send), 무엇을 하기로 작정하다, 위탁하다

confine < confinare (end, limit), 국한시키다, 경계를 정하다

devote = de(away) + vovere (vow, 선서) = 선서해 버리고 헌신하다

P.1329 – §6 “4. Under no circumstances and not
even in the least detail, should you interfere with the normal and orderly
progressive evolution of the Urantia races. But this prohibition must
not be interpreted as limiting your efforts to leave behind you on Urantia
an enduring and improved system of positive religious ethics.

P.1330 – §0 As a dispensational Son you are granted certain privileges
pertaining to the advancement of the spiritual and religious status of
the world peoples.

under no circumstances = 어떤 상황에도 ~은 안 된다.

circumstance = circum (around) + stare (stand) = 환경, 상황

interfere < entre (between) + ferir (strike), 간섭하다

improve < em + prou (profit), 유리하게 되다.

people (집합 명사, 민족),

peoples (여러 민족)

privilege < privus (private) + leg (law) = 특권

pertain < reach (~에 속하다, 상관이 있다)

P.1330 – §1 “5. As you may see fit, you are
to identify yourself with existing religious and spiritual movements as
they may be found on Urantia but in every possible manner seek to avoid
the formal establishment of an organized cult, a crystallized religion,
or a segregated ethical grouping of mortal beings. Your life and teachings
are to become the common heritage of all religions and all peoples.
As you may see fit (네가 좋게 보는대로)

identify < identitas (신분) + facere (make), 확인하다

avoid formal establishment of an organized cult

조직된 (종교의) 종파와 공식 거래를 피하라

crystallize (結晶體로 만들다, 구체화하다)

ethical = 윤리적 < ethos (custom)

heritage = 물려받은 유산

P.1330 – §2 “6. To the end that you may not
unnecessarily contribute to the creation of subsequent stereotyped systems
of Urantia religious beliefs or other types of nonprogressive religious
loyalties, we advise you still further: Leave no writings behind you on
the planet. Refrain from all writing upon permanent materials; enjoin
your associates to make no images or other likenesses of yourself in the
flesh. See that nothing potentially idolatrous is left on the planet at
the time of your departure.
to the end ~어떠한 목적으로

stereotype = 판에 박힌, 고정 관념

enjoin < in + jungere (join) = urge (재촉하다)

leave no writings, 아무런 기록도 남기지 말라

permanent = per (through) + manere (stay/remain) = 영구한, 오랜 세월을 통해서 지속되는

idolatry < G: idolon (idol) + latreia (worship), 우상 숭배

P.1330 – §3 “7. While you will live the normal
and average social life of the planet, being a normal individual of the
male sex, you will probably not enter the marriage relation, which relation
would be wholly honorable and consistent with your bestowal; but I must
remind you that one of the incarnation mandates of Sonarington forbids
the leaving of human offspring behind on any planet by a bestowal Son
of Paradise origin.
mandate < man + dare (give) = commit to one’s hand) = 명령하다

offspring = 후손

forbid = 금하다, old German = verbieten (금하다)

P.1330 – §4 “8. In all other details of your
oncoming bestowal we would commit you to the leading of the indwelling
Adjuster, the teaching of the ever-present divine spirit of human guidance,
and the reason-judgment of your expanding human mind of hereditary endowment.
Such an association of creature and Creator attributes will enable you
to live for us the perfect life of man on the planetary spheres, not necessarily
perfect as regarded by any one man in any one generation on any one world
(much less on Urantia) but wholly and supremely replete as evaluated on
the more highly perfected and perfecting worlds of your far-flung universe.
oncoming = 다가오는

ever-present = 늘 자리에 있는

perfect < 완전한 (의미가 약하다)

more perfect, most perfect (아주 완벽한)

far-flung, 널리 퍼진, 광범위한

hereditary < hereditas (유전)

P.1330 – §5 “And now, may your Father and my
Father, who has ever sustained us in all past performances, guide and
sustain you and be with you from the moment you leave us and achieve the
surrender of your consciousness of personality, throughout your gradual
return to recognition of your divine identity incarnate in human form,
and then on through the whole of your bestowal experience on Urantia until
your deliverance from the flesh and your ascension to our Father’s right
hand of sovereignty. When I shall again see you on Salvington, we shall
welcome your return to us as the supreme and unconditional sovereign of
this universe of your own making, serving, and completed understanding.

P.1330 – §6 “In your stead I now reign. I assume
jurisdiction of all Nebadon as acting sovereign during the interim of
your seventh and mortal bestowal on Urantia. And to you, Gabriel, I commit
the safekeeping of the Son of Man about-to-be until he shall presently
and in power and glory be returned to me as the Son of Man and the Son
of God. And, Gabriel, I am your sovereign until Michael thus returns.”

in your stead = 네 자리에 (대신)

acting sovereign = 통치자 대리

interim = time intervening (사이에 낀 시간에)

jurisdiction = juris (law) + dictio (saying).

나중에 뜻이 변질: 司法 권한이 있는 지역, 관할권


P.1330 – §7 Then, immediately, in the presence of
all Salvington assembled, Michael removed himself from our midst, and
we saw him no more in his accustomed place

P.1331 – §0 until his return as the supreme and personal
ruler of the universe, subsequent to the completion of his bestowal career
on Urantia.

assemble = 집합하다 = ad + semble (similar) (비슷하게 되다)

accustom = ad (to, 에) + custom = 관습, 버릇이 되다

accustomed = 익숙한


P.1331 – §1 And so certain unworthy children of Michael,
who had accused their Creator-father of selfishly seeking rulership and
indulged the insinuation that the Creator Son was arbitrarily and autocratically
upheld in power by virtue of the unreasoning loyalty of a deluded universe
of subservient creatures, were to be silenced forever and left confounded
and disillusioned by the life of self-forgetful service which the Son
of God now entered upon as the Son of Man all the while subject to “the
will of the Paradise Father.”

making two one = 둘을 하나로 만들다

insinuate < L: insinuare = 몰래 살금살금 기어들어오다, 머리나 마음 속에 야금야금 집어 넣다

autocrat = auto (self) + kratia (rule) = 독재자

accuse < ad(to) + causa (lawsuit, cause), 고발하다

delude < de (down) + ludere (play) = 놀려 먹다, 속이다

by virtue of ~의 덕분에

silence = 입을 닥치게 만들다

confound < con +fundere (pour) = destroy utterly (패망하여 질서를 잃다, 혼란에 빠뜨리다)

P.1331 – §2 But make no mistake; Christ Michael,
while truly a dual-origin being, was not a double personality. He was
not God in association with man but, rather, God incarnate in man. And
he was always just that combined being. The only progressive factor in
such a nonunderstandable relationship was the progressive self-conscious
realization and recognition (by the human mind) of this fact of being
God and man.
make no mistake = 착각하지 말라

double personality = 2중 인격자

combined being = 통합된 존재

P.1331 – §3 Christ Michael did not progressively
become God. God did not, at some vital moment in the earth life of Jesus,
become man. Jesus was God and man always and even forevermore. And this
God and this man were, and now are, one, even as the Paradise Trinity
of three beings is in reality one Deity.

P.1331 – §4 Never lose sight of the fact that the
supreme spiritual purpose of the Michael bestowal was to enhance the revelation
of God.

not progressively become God = 점진적으로 신이 되지 않았다

vital = vita (life), vivere (live),

vital = 사활을 가리는, 중차대한

never lose sight of ~을 결코 간과하지 말라. 못 보고 놓치지 말라

reveal = re + velare (veil) = 베일을 벗기다,

revelation = 계시

P.1331 – §5 Urantia mortals have varying concepts
of the miraculous, but to us who live as citizens of the local universe
there are few miracles, and of these by far the most intriguing are the
incarnational bestowals of the Paradise Sons. The appearance in and on
your world, by apparently natural processes, of a divine Son, we regard
as a miracle the operation of universal laws beyond our understanding.
Jesus of Nazareth was a miraculous person.

P.1331 – §6 In and through all this extraordinary
experience, God the Father chose to manifest himself as he always doesin
the usual wayin the normal, natural, and dependable way of divine acting.

miracle < mirari (wonder at), smile (웃다, 놀라워하다), 기적

extraordinary = extra (바깥) + ordinary (보통) = 특별

depend < de (down) + pendere (hang) = 의존하다

manifest < manu (hand) + fest (caught, seized), 분명한 (caught by hand)